About Us

We, the children of Coptic immigrants to the United States, who have been shepherded, raised, and confirmed in the Orthodox faith by countless reverent clergy and faithful servants, are the unworthy servants, the subdeacons, the readers, and the chanters, who strive to fulfill the mission of the Church, passed down by our Fathers from the time of Christ.

We, being Orthodox Christians who live in increasingly secular and unchristian societies, are concerned that the services and ministries of the Coptic Church are facing some obstacles. These, we believe, are not insurmountable yet through the prayers of our holy fathers and direct supervision of a bishop completely surmountable and will lead to a thriving of the Church.

We, the college students, the graduate students, the workers, and the married couples, seek the growth of the services and ministries of the Church throughout the entire state, so that we may bring the Good News and the Light to all of our communities – from every campus to every workplace to every neighborhood.

We, having learned of and lived through the glorious days of the flourishing of the Coptic Church outside Egypt, spearheaded and shepherded by the thrice-blessed Pope Shenouda III of blessed memory, are especially thankful for the upbringing we have received and for the teaching and preservation of the true Orthodox faith and the true liturgical worship of the Coptic Orthodox Church. Therefore we seek to voice our concerns to our Pope, our Patriarch, and our father, chosen by the Holy Spirit and given full authority that has been passed down to him from the Apostles, to lead our Church in establishing for us a diocese in the whole state of New Jersey that we have full faith will spearhead the blessed Pope’s beloved children of New Jersey “as arrows in the hands of a warrior” (Psalm 126) to bring the ministries and services of New Jersey “from glory to glory” within the quiver of a structured and organized diocese.